Research & Development

Research & Development

The R&D department consists of a team of young and energetic talent engineers and designers with zeal to innovative and create each project competing new challanges & threats, the R&D team us always working on cutting edge technologies in electronic/mechanical engineering design ensuring that for each problem, we either find a solution or invent one.

Musical fountains

Concept of the musical dancing fountain is based on the advanced multi-media technology where in computers have been used to control the sequence of dancing water jets , illumination and synchronized music.

Jumping Jet

Fountain - nozzle is based on fluid dynamics technology related laminar special design principle, with the special structure nozzle.

Horizontal Bead Mill

Horizontal Sand Mill is a general wet grinding machine to reduce particle size for low and medium viscosity liquids, wide range of fineness grinding requirements of decorative paints, industrial coatings, general printing inks, and general pigment dispersions

Breathing Machine

Used testing of mask x

Manufacturing Facility

Complete in-house facility from design to manufacturing of all Pressure Vessels, Heat exchanger, Water Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, any type industrial machineries & all sensitive equipments, by ensuring quality products and timely delivery.